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R.O.Y.A.L. strives to be an example of how mentoring and community involvement can make a real difference in the lives of our youth. Founded in 2013, R.O.Y.A.L. Mentoring Group began as an assembly of a few individuals who all banned together to help reduce teen gang violence and provide mentoring services to at-risk youth in an unpublicized fashion. With most of our staff coming from the same background as the majority of the young individuals we work with, R.O.Y.A.L. has been able to identify and create strong bonds with our at risk youth. We’ve connected dots with different groups/gangs/individuals who were at odds, and found peaceful solutions to end the method of using violence to settle disputes. Even though gang violence is our number one priority, R.O.Y.A.L. has also been successful in helping young people develop skills and interests that inspire them to become entrepreneurs and business owners rather than being in the streets and risking their freedom or lives. Mentoring in public schools and juvenile facilities has allowed us to expand our reach to our youth on all levels and continues to make a positive impact on the lives of young people and their families.

  R.O.Y.A.L. is committed to destroying the school-to-prison pipeline that has been filtering young adults at an alarming rate.

                                                                    R.O.Y.A.L. Mentoring Group


Xavier Davis

Owner of DIA Studios and founder of R.O.Y.A.L Mentoring Group. Attended Community College Of Aurora for music theory, coding and  Post & Pre production film. Currently serving as a mentor @ The Foote, Lookout Mountain, Mountview & The Gilliam Juvenile Facility. Also mentoring in numerous grade schools throughout Denver & Aurora, CO


Daniel Sampson is the founder/CEO of Driven By Our Ambitions (DBOA, LLC). He founded DBOA in 2014 to help young adults and student-athletes enhance their opportunities to attain post-secondary education. Sampson has worked closely with Title I schools in Washington, D.C. and the Denver Metro Area to successfully elevate the chances of their student populations entry into college debt free


Omari Hardwick: Born in Savannah, GA. Attended Marist School in Atlanta, which eventually led him to a football scholarship for University of Georgia. He was a star on the field, but chose acting and poetry, and thus minored in theater. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Currently a well known actor and star of numerous major motion films and hit tv series .


Angel Turner: Born in Killeen TX, raised in Savannah, GA. Graduated from Herschel V Jenkins High school and attended Colorado Technical University and graduated with Bachelor Of Science in Health Care Management, joined US Air Force in 2012 currently a real estate agent.


Michaela Cox: Born in Denver, CO raised in Montbello. Attended Montbello High School. Worked in The Gilliam Juvenile facility. Graduated from Pikins Tech and currently is on one of the top Esthetician's in Colorado, CEO /owner of Omnia Wellness Spa.


Jason L. Shankle, Sr. is from (Park Hill) Denver, Colorado.  He is the CEO/Founder of Inner Self and Wisdom, LLC which is a Private Therapy Practice.  And the author of Therapeutic: Soul Searching Poetry.  He specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as conducts workshops on Healing Family Inherited Trauma Workshop and Depression, Anxiety and Anger Management. 

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