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Partnering with High Schools, the Environmental Awareness Program targets high school males, encouraging them to come together and learn about financial literacy & environmental awareness.


Environmental awareness focuses on educating at-risk youth on key factors and obstacles that impact their individual environment. Understanding what is happening in their neighborhoods, gang and violence relations, and systemic barriers in order to create a positive mindset and redirection for the greatest impact.

The R.O.Y.A.L. Mentoring Group Environmental Awareness' program has been one of our most impactful 1-on-1 and group mentoring programs. This program strives to provide at-risk youth with tools, resources and guidance that can be applied daily to support successful navigation and conflict resolution within todays society. We work with at risk youth in their homes, schools and within juvenile facilities. This is our signature brotherhood bond building service that so many of our troubled young men need. 

Young adults often make poor decisions that could cost them their lives, but due to the Juvenile Justice Reform Act signed by Gov. Jared Polis in 2019, programs like this help align the state’s juvenile justice system with what research shows works to improve outcomes for youth, strengthen public safety, and efficiently use resources. A result of the IO Youth Initiative led by the CSG Justice Center, the bill was designed to:

  • Expand opportunities to divert youth from the juvenile justice system;

  • Adopt and implement a validated risk and needs assessment tool to inform court decision-making and case planning;

  • Limit the use of detention (pre-sentence incarceration) to only those youth who pose a public safety risk; and

  • Develop statewide standards for juvenile probation supervision and services that align with research-based practices.

By providing the youth with a real awareness of their environments and showing them alternative ways to resolve conflict on a day to day basis, we often get them to channel their energy towards their future orientation, which results in more positive outcomes in their lives rather than resorting to crime & violence. Not every child will be saved but the quest to change the narrative and make an impact remains the same.


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