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Our Music program presents a unique opportunity for young individuals between ages 9-18, including pre/post-trial youth offenders, to learn about the art of audio engineering, music creation, and recording. In partnership with DIA Studios & DIA Films, we offer one of the most impactful programs, specifically targeting youth violence prevention and reducing recidivism in juvenile facilities.


When operating within approved youth facilities, we are permitted to set up a mini recording studio in a designated area. All youth offenders who have attained the required levels of mentorship are encouraged to participate in learning about audio engineering while recording music, spoken word, or other audio-engineered forms of art. The program incorporates mentoring during the sessions, making it a highly therapeutic experience, and has been successful in every institution where it has been implemented.

Furthermore, through sponsorships, we offer free and reduced-cost studio time to interested youth offenders looking to further their career as an audio engineer or artist upon release.

Audio Engineering

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