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We opened this space during the COVID pandemic to give our youth a personal space to exercise away from large crowds of people to reduce exposure to COVID-19. The gym is equipped with treadmills, squat rack, flat & incline bench press, leg press machine with hack squat. Leg extension bench, calf raise machine, free weight up to 405lb, dumbbells' (5lb-100lb), ab benches and various cardio accessories. The gym is equipped with a lock box and is accessible 7 days a week from 8am-12am.

The Fit Program is not just a place for physical exercise, but it also serves as a hub for social interaction among our youth. We believe that a healthy lifestyle is not only about physical fitness but also about mental and emotional well-being. We encourage our members to connect with each other and form a community where they can support and motivate each other to achieve their fitness goals.

We also offer personal training sessions for those who need extra guidance and assistance in their fitness journey. Our certified trainers are knowledgeable and experienced in creating personalized workout plans that cater to individual needs and goals. The Youth Fit Program is more than just a place to work out - it is a community that promotes healthy living, social interaction, and personal growth.

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